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HR Uprise: re-centering the role of HR and grounding your body & mind

Rebecca Weaver, founder at HR Uprise, is working to flip traditional HR on its head, so that it works for employees, first.


She launched HR Uprise, not JUST right before COVID, but also right before she was diagnosed with cancer. We cover a lot, from the Me2 Movement, to all that’s wrong with HR and how we can fix it, to how you stay grounded in your body along the entrepreneurial journey and life.

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Ascent Outdoors & Miyar Adventures

So many of us love the Pacific Northwest because of the opportunity it affords us to connect to the great outdoors.


But how do you translate a passion for the outdoors into a business…actually multiple businesses.


Sandeep Nain left his career in tech 6 years ago after falling in love with climbing. He now owns Ascent Outdoors and Ascent Cycles in Ballard, as well as Miyar Adventures & its partner retail store in Woodinville.


He shares his story on getting all of these businesses off the ground, while raising a young family, navigating a pandemic, and focusing on increasing diversity on the trails and in the mountains.

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