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The Big Lil Business

Running a start-up or small business is hard work. You're often triaging an endless list of tasks that all feel essential to managing and growing your enterprise.


Imagine what YOU could move forward if you had an effective partner by your side? Someone who knows how to step in and get moving on all of your operational needs, so you can focus on growing your business?​

Working with the Big Lil

The Big Lil's part-time COO services offer real support to small business & start-up leaders:

  • Streamline systems & processes for more efficient operations

  • Bring your long-term vision to life with integrated strategies, actions, and work plans

  • Engage your team, ensuring they're all headed in the right direction and receiving the support they need

  • Put the focus back on growing sales and services, with more effective business development strategies

  • Ensure your financial strategy and business management efforts are thriving and moving you forward

  • And get the support YOU need with a thought partner who truly understands the pressures of leadership

Whether you need 5 hours a week of support, or 15, we have designed our rates and services to align with the realities of small businesses and organizations, so that we can step in as part of your team, not just as an outside observer.

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