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Fractional COO's
for mission driven small-businesses, start-up's and nonprofits

Running a social enterprise is hard work. You're often triaging an endless list of tasks that all feel essential to surviving and managing growth. Imagine what you could move forward with an effective partner by your side—someone who knows how to step in and help you find the clarity and energy you need to both lead and grow your organization. Someone who can help you identify and benefit from the opportunity within the chaos of change.


We understand the enormous challenges unique to small businesses and nonprofits, particularly in times of transition and growth. Our services and rates are designed for small—our affordable, fixed monthly packages enable you to bring on experienced leadership at a fraction of the full-time expense. We thrive in inflection points and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves whenever you are.

Work with the Big Lil

Our part-time COO's offer real support to your small business or start-up:

  • Streamline systems & processes for more efficient operations

  • Bring your long-term vision to life with integrated strategies, actions, and work plans

  • Engage your team, ensuring they're all headed in the right direction and receiving the support they need

  • Put the focus back on growing sales and services, with more effective business development strategies

  • Ensure your financial strategy and business management efforts are thriving and moving you forward

  • And get the support YOU need with a thought partner who truly understands the pressures of leadership

Who We Are

The Big Lil is a woman owned and led, small but tenacious team of founders, builders, and creators passionate about small businesses and nonprofits. We thrive in connecting long-term vision to the day-to-day, and we're ready to get to work building the systems and processes that your organization or business needs to grow.! 

We don’t do cookie-cutter consulting work. For each of our clients, we craft a unique response that systematically addresses the challenges and opportunities they are facing. Typically, two or three TBL team members work with each client. We like to pair a systems design expert with an implementation manager to first set you up for success and then get you actively working toward it. This approach provides each of our clients with a diversity of skills and experience while keeping costs down and maintaining consistency of service.

Thought Partnership

Don't need a full COO? But you still need help?!

Leadership is lonely work. Chat weekly with an experienced founder or CEO, to sort through strategic questions, make difficult decisions, or move your own projects to action. This is our most affordable package - so that you get the partner you need or test out The Big Lil world

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