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Image by Delila Ziebart

Fractional COO's

catalysts to sustain and scale

your start-up or non-profit

Our vision and values

The Big Lil envisions a world where all social enterprises have the tools and capacity they need to succeed, driven by teams who feel connected to and sustained by their work.

  • We build a collective experience: We believe that the best work is done when people come together from different backgrounds and perspectives. We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome, valued, and heard.

  • We focus on better not bigger: We believe that quality is more important than quantity. We are committed to doing the best work we can, even if it means saying no to projects that are not a good fit for us.

  • We move to action: We believe that there is no time to waste. We are committed to taking action and making a difference in the world.

  • We design for autonomy and joy: We believe that people are most productive when they are given the freedom to do their best work. We are committed to creating a workplace where people feel empowered to take risks and make decisions.

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