Meet The Team

we are founders, builders, creators.

we are passionate about small businesses and non-profits.

we thrive in connecting long-term vision to the day-to-day.

and we're ready to dig in to build the systems that your organization/business needs to grow!

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Carrie Ferrence

Carrie has started, grown, and sold a small business that grew quickly into the top 1% in revenue for women-owned businesses. She has led a non-profit through a major redesign and managed teams and organizations for over two decades, often through periods of intense change. 

Carrie knows the challenges of running mission-driven start-ups and small businesses and LOVES to work through them. She thrives in figuring out the best ways to engage individuals & teams; involve clients, stakeholders, partners, and donors; and design organizational systems to support teams and drive change.


Carrie is an Echoing Green Fellow and a PSBJ 40 Under 40. She's also been cited in the NYTimes and invited to the White House to represent women-owned businesses.

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Operations Partner

Sarah Will

Sarah has worked in a range of business environments including corporate tech, consulting, small startup, and nonprofit, as well as starting her own small business - Ember Community Kits, which supports other small businesses! She thrives in the creativity that comes with both ideation and operations- and loves brainstorming big ideas and laying the groundwork, process, systems, and timelines to implement.

Sarah has spent most of her career in Seattle, Washington with a recent move to Missoula Montana, where she currently lives with her family.

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Operations Partner

Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker has spent most of her vibrant career in the non-profit world: as a Co-Founder, an Executive Director, and a Board member for local and international organizations. In 2019, Natalie was selected as one of ParentMap's Superheroes for Washington State Families. In harmony with her non-profit work, Natalie is a musician and gender equity advocate, focusing her involvement on community building and social change through self-expression.

Natalie understands that leadership can be lonely, and it is her personal mission to change that whenever possible. She believes that strong operational support and intentional thought partnership can be a game-changer for small businesses and non-profits.

After 20 years living and working in the Pacific Northwest, Natalie recently relocated to Colorado for graduate study in Performance Psychology.

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Operations Partner

Sara Vander Zanden

Sara brings 10+ years of experience leading mission-based organizations as an Executive Director, Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Program Manager. Across roles and sectors, she has developed strategies to build more effective and resilient organizations, operationalized programs to increase impact, and led teams to achieve ambitious goals. 


As a consultant, Sara focuses on building thoughtful tools and processes that transform limited resources into scalable outcomes. She helps organizations and leaders live their values by systematizing what matters most. 


She has been recognized for her community leadership by TED as a national presenter and by the Puget Sound Business Journal as a 40 Under 40 Honoree.

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Operations Partner

Anne Morgan

Anne gets fired up about connecting people, organizations, and resources to drive growth,
create lasting value, and transform our world for good. She has a knack for seeing big picture organizational visions with clarity and finding ways to bring them to life. She has helped to launch and grow several nonprofit and small business start-ups, and her fund and business development efforts have raised millions. Anne's operations management superpowers have helped to revolutionize banking, launch the next generation of environmental changemakers, and use the world’s most popular video game to democratize urban planning.


She lives on Bainbridge Island, WA with her family where she is constantly planning their next adventure.

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