Lil Seattle is an online news site that launches May 2020 to share stories on how Seattle’s small businesses and small non-profits are REALLY fairing in this Covid era. The site and accompanying newsletter will highlight 1-2 small organizations each week, to detail how they’re being affected, pivoting, and planning for next steps. Perhaps, most importantly, it will also id clear steps on how customers, the government, and our greater community can help.


As we progress out of the current Covid-era, we will also document other juicy topics such as leadership transitions, new product/service lines, and team management. Think Inc Magazine, but for Seattle-based organizations!


We're looking for Seattle businesses and non-profits to highlight on Lil Seattle's news site and newsletter!


You are very busy, so we want to make it easy for you to tell your story.  We’ll need 45-60 minutes for a phone/zoom call, plus a photo/logo to share with the post. Questions are sent in advance so that you can prep in a way that’s best for you. And, if there are other points you’d like to address, we would love to include those as well!

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